Its almost 3 years since Australia witnessed those joyous scenes in Canberra following the passing of the Marriage Equality Act and since this watershed moment, thousands of same sex couples have taken advantage of the new law and are now enjoying the same rights as their heterosexual friends.

An exciting new venture in Brisbane, Queensland is now offering all Australians an opportunity to celebrate their marriage in style.

Viva Travel, in the southern suburb of Norman Park, though mostly an online agency, is owned and operated by Melbourne born Andrew Hager and his business partner Parisian born Yann Charavel.

The team focusses on ensuring your big event is planned for and carried out with class, precision and style. In addition to the wedding itself, Andrew and Yann meticulously prepare everything from the destination, even down to the menu, and are joined by an integral person of the Viva team, Mandi Forrester- Jones… Mandi is the travel agent and wedding planner so coordinates all travel plans for the wedding couple and their guests.

Like most in the industry, Viva travel is feeling the impact of the corona virus, however Andrew is hopeful the reopening of the South Pacific travel bubble, maybe as early as March 2021, will see a resurgence in bookings.

Whether you’re looking for an island paradise or an exotic European destination, Andrew, Yann and Mandi are ready to help, plan and deliver a fabulous ceremony for you and your partner.

If you’re contemplating your wedding or an impending celebration, then Viva Travel is for you. And remember Viva handle all types of leisure and corporate travel as well.

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Author: Alan Gaskell, former ABC news presenter and SBS sports commentator