Bridge Climb Sydney
3 Cumberland Street
The Rocks

See Sydney at its best – take the Climb of Your Life with BridgeClimb Sydney.

With our Climb Leaders as your guide, you will suit-up in our specially designed outdoor gear and ascend. From its fascinating underbelly to its summit, 134m above the Harbour, the Bridge is the pride of Sydney.

From dawn until dusk, the view from the top is always different. Climbs are available at dawn (limited departures), during the day, twilight or night, with different routes to the summit. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable, and uniquely “Sydney” experience.


Absorb a 360 degree panorama of Sydney as you journey to the summit on our original Climb experience. As the sky remains just past your outstretched fingertips, take the upper arch to the peak of an Australian icon. 3 ½ hours long, max. 14 people per group.

BridgeClimb Express

Accelerate your ascent to the summit. This energetic experience is the fastest trip to the top of the Bridge. Ascend through the heart of the Bridge, a cathedral of steel, and burst through to the summit from below. 2 ½ hours long, max. 12 people per group.

BridgeClimb Mandarin (普通话攀登)

See the best of Sydney safely from the top of the city’s beloved Bridge with our Mandarin speaking Climb Leaders. Follows the Express route to the summit. 2 ½ hours long, max. 14 people per group.

BridgeClimb Sampler

Get a taste of the world famous BridgeClimb! In just 1 ½ hours, ascend the inner arch of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top.

Mardi Gras Disco Climb


Did someone say disco? And karaoke? BridgeClimb did. And they are bring it to a stage like no other this Mardi Gras – the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Beneath Sydney summer skies decorated with a glittering mirror ball, you can dance and sing like a diva to disco beats – your summit performance will be yours to keep forever as an 8 second video.

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