Hillbilly Cider
Travellers stop in for a refresher at the Hillbilly Cider Shed in Bilpin. Photo: David Hill, Deep Hill Media.
Hillbilly Cider
Hillbilly Cider
Hillbilly Cider
2270 Bells Line of Road

Find your inner Hillbilly through natural cider

Taste the honest earthiness of all-natural crushed cider from famous Bilpin apples at the new Hillbilly Cider Shed in the Blue Mountains.

The rustic shed is located on a working orchard overlooking the apples trees. Here you can meet cider-maker, Shane McLauchlin and his wife Tessa who lovingly
pour from the barrels their famous apple, pear, Scrumpy, and The Julie Apple – the first new apple discovered in the Sydney/ Blue Mountains area since
the Granny Smith apple 100 years ago!

Proof that Hillbilly Cider is a serious cider made by an experienced craftsman, all alcoholic products in the range have won medals in every Australian
cider awards since launching, and clinched some of the biggest cider awards around the world.

Shane, the Cider Australia vice-president and treasurer, makes every golden drop by hand. The alcoholic and non-alcoholic cider is 100% crushed fruit and
fermented with no added sugar, pasteurisation or artificial flavours – the true bohemian way.

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