The phrase “happy campers” is used in everyday conversations, everywhere. But are campers really that happy? Well, the stats are in and it looks like the saying “happy campers” is founded in fact. Campers are happy! Or at least, happier than those who don’t go camping.

So you want to be happy, have lots of happy friends and enjoy the outdoors. Then read on it is a proven fact camping makes you happy.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia conducted a “Real Richness” study to better understand the emotional and social benefits of camping and the value it provides for current and future generations of travellers. In this study, “camping” included everything from trips in swags, tents, tent trailers, camper trailers, caravans, campervans, motorhomes to cabin accommodation.

The study showed that Australians who go camping are more satisfied, happy, optimistic and energised than those who do not go camping.

Campers say that camping makes them more productive, more grounded, more in touch with nature, healthier and gives them the time they need to gather their thoughts. What’s more, they are also less stressed, frustrated, bored and lonely. My goodness who would have thought there was indeed life out side of the bars and night clubs?

When the study’s respondents talked about camping, the most common words they used were love, time and family. This is testament to the value of a camping trip given these days everyone seems to need a good digital detox so they can reconnect to the real world – whether that means reconnecting to yourself, your loved ones or nature!

The study showed that camping gives people the opportunity to spend quality time with the people who are most important to them. The responses revealed that campers feel closer to their partners, children, friends, grandchildren, parents and even their community when compared to non-campers.

So, it’s true! “Happy campers” really are happier than non-campers.

The value of camping and a good adventure in the great outdoors can’t be underestimated. And lucky for us, Australia has some of the most diverse, unique and picturesque places in the world.

Lynne Hocking
Camp Mother
Australia’s Gay Nomads