Trump. War. Interest Rates. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union trade bloc in July; increased terrorism around the world has seen complex discussions undertaken in regards to the right to free movement; and the Presidential election outcome in the United States in November impacted globalization and trade agreements as a protectionist agenda was outlined.

Furthermore, in the first four months of 2017, increased geopolitical tensions have risen between North Korea, Russia, the United States and China, of which the latter two represent important trade partners for Australia. These issues have clearly caused concern for industry operators because of the impact it could have on Australia, global markets and consumer confidence.

It makes more sense than ever to pack up the swag, avoid the airport security checks and get on the road in your own backyard. Whilst the number of people caravanning and camping has not increased yet, because of these external pressures I reckon they will. Watch this camp space.

If you have a product offering that could be adapted to suit even one caravan or camper trailer maybe you could take a look at diversifying your product offering.

Just sayin’

Lynne Hocking
Camp Mother
Australia’s Gay Nomads