A sensational initiative of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia after their involvement with Australia’s Gay Nomads during 2017. This organisation is dedicated to ensuring GLBTI feel safe in the great outdoors.

CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, Stuart Lamont, announced the launch of an additional accreditation program at the Caravan Industry Association of Australia national industry conference held on the Gold Coast in May.

Rainbow Accreditation has been developed for Caravan Holiday Parks, recognises operational leadership and professionalism of park owners, managers and staff by treating all their guests in the same non-discriminatory manner and providing a safe and comfortable environment for all travellers and guests along with all employees. Participation in the program is voluntary and supplements the existing Caravan Holiday Park Accreditation Program.

Rainbow Accreditation recognises a business’s compliance to the following areas:

– Code of Ethics
– Awareness and Knowledge of Sex Discrimination Act
– Workplace free of harassment and discrimination
– Provision of Information for LGBTI tourists

Some interesting facts related to the LGBTI tourist:

– The gay leisure travel market has an estimated 242, 000 Australians in the sector
– This market represents approximately $965 million a year
– Spend per night of a gay traveller is approx. $150 per night which is higher than the general population (higher yield opportunities if you convince them to stay longer in your park)

So I ask all GLBTQ campers and glampers to keep an eye out for accredited Rainbow Holiday Parks.

Camp Mother Lynne
Australia’s Gay Nomads