The statistics are in and it proves that camping is attracting a younger age group. Do you think we will soon be seeing tents the colour of the rainbow, or caravans with drapes rather than blinds perhaps a new brand called Gayco? It is possible.

In the year ending March 2017, a total of 11.58 million caravan and camping overnight trips were undertaken by Australians. The 30 to 54 year demographic retains 47% of the market, reaching 5.5 million trips for the year ending March 2017. This is followed by visitors aged 55 years and over (30%) and 20 to 29 years (16%).

Visitors aged 55 years and over retained the largest market share in terms of nights, accounting for 44% of all nights (21.9 million). The 30 to 54-year market segment represents 41% of all nights created (20.3 million). This shows us that once again there are more 30 to 54 years undertaking caravan and camping trips, however, the 55 year an over demographic spend more time on their holidays.

Travelling for a holiday remainsthe most popular reason for consumers to undertake a caravan and camping trip, representing 77% of the market. Travelling for the purposes of business (12%) and for visiting friends and relatives (8%) were the second and third most popular reasons for undertaking a caravan and camping trip in the year ending March 2017.

So if you have been putting off going camping because you feel it will be just old people in the holiday parks then think again. You may actually find you are the oldest in the camp ground. Canvas is the new leather for our community. Try getting outdoors and sleeping under it.

Camp Mother Lynne
Australia’s Gay Nomads