We are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in Sydney. However, our favourite gay beach is Little Congwong at La Perouse in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The entrance is via the track directly opposite the bus stop at La Perouse. Walk straight across Congwong Beach past the happy families and take the path to the right and keep walking along the track for about 300 metres where you will find a set of stairs and the beach is at the bottom.

Little Congwong is not an official nude beach but has a forty year naturist history. On a hot weekend the beach is packed with people, most sun-baking nude. The nearby rocks are also popular with regulars. During the week the beach is much less crowded but Friday and Monday can often be busy (surprise!). Whether there are a couple of hundred or just a few guys on this little beach, it is a gem.

The beach is small, sheltered and the dazzling, crystal clear water of Botany Bay makes it perfect for swimming. The chilled vibe of the beach makes relaxing easy. If you feel like a stroll, the rocks to the left hand side of the beach lead right around the headland where you might find some more fun.

Bring everything you need with you for a day at the beach. This is a National Park and there are no shops in close proximity to the beach itself. To buy a drink means a long walk back to the La Perouse shops. Although, in the height of summer the ice cream boat usually visits the beach on the weekend and remember don’t ever get between the ice cream boat and a hungry bear.

Down from the bus stop in the La Perouse shops you will find some good coffee shops and restaurants. We can recommend the Boatshed Restaurant (http://www.theboatshedlaperouse.com.au) for a more up market but totally delicious seafood lunch. For something more casual Driftwood (Euro-Australian) is good value and Bare Grills makes a scrumptious hamburger.

If driving to La Perouse on a weekend in the summer months try to get there before 12 noon otherwise parking is difficult or sometimes even impossible. If taking the bus from the city catch the 391. While at La Perouse you might want to visit Bare Island, a former military fortress (Open on Sunday – http://www.sydney.com.au/bare-island.htm).

Best time for the beach is from 11:00am onwards and watching a late summer sunset over the bay can be very special. You might want to check the tides before setting out as the size on the beach is reduced considerably by a high tide. Whether it is summer or winter the beach is mostly a sun lover’s paradise and you never know who you might meet among the devoted and friendly crowd of sun worshippers.