Australia has one of the most open-minded populations in the world. This country is so welcoming and has many rainbow-friendly places and events you simply shouldn’t miss. It’s well-known that the big cities offer a vibrant scene for the LGBTQ community. That being said, over the past few years, we also see more and more small towns that are setting the bar high.

Check out our favourite rainbow-friendly places you shouldn’t miss out in 2020.

Sydney’s Mardi Gras

It’s really hard not to mention Sydney because it hosts one of the most popular rainbow events in the world. The Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras attracts more and more people every year and it fills the streets of Sydney with smiling faces. The event will take place on January 29th and will include a parade, parties, and celebrations all over the city, meaning you’ll never be bored. Make sure to book your travel tickets and hotel on time because things tend to get very busy two weeks before and after the festival. Just recently, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras won its bid to host World Pride 2023, so make sure you put this in your event future plans too, it’s going to be big!


Everyone who is into art heads to Melbourne during the last weeks of January to attend the mega-popular Midsumma Festival. This year it will open on January 19 and wrap up on February 9. You can expect over 100 different events, including a Pride March, Midsumma Carnival, live performances, and so much more. This festival dates back to 1988 and lasts for three weeks. If you are planning to attend all 22 days, make sure to treat yourself and book a relaxing massage or get a facial so you can look fresh during the whole festival.


Just a short drive to the North of Melbourne, Daylesford is one of the gayest towns in Australia. If you are up for a relaxing weekend away from home, or you’re simply visiting Australia and want a quiet escape from the crowd, Daylesford is always a great idea. You’ll know that this charming town is LGBTQ-friendly right away just by looking at the rainbow flags on their buildings.

New Farm

The suburbs of Brisbane offer a home to many same-sex marriages and are among the top rainbow-friendly spots in Australia. New Farm is not just a tiny suburban dot on the map, but a part of Brisbane that offers a great nightlife, shops, and restaurants.

Port Douglas

The Turtle Cove Resort is one of the world’s most popular gay and lesbian resorts and it’s just a 15-minute drive from the centre of Port Douglas. This is a gay and lesbian exclusive spot located right on the sandy beach.


Australia is without a doubt an LGBTQ-friendly country. Whether you’re opting for a relaxing getaway or a party vacation, you can easily find a spot that will fit your needs. In the past few years, both big cities and small towns have become more diverse and offer a very entertaining and rich rainbow-friendly scene. Starting with gay-owned businesses, cafes, restaurants, hotels, events, you can find anything that you set your mind on. The greatest thing is that even the smaller parts of Australia are becoming more involved and establishing new events that attract everyone’s attention. We hope you’ll like our top picks and include them in your 2020 travelling list.

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